Hi, I'm Laura.
Welcome to Clara and Macy wholesale.
Here at Clara and Macy we love adding a little bit of magic to your everyday with our imaginative and creative gifts for the whole family.
Having worked as a puppet maker in animation for ten years, the time came when I really wanted to work on my own designs rather than other people's.
It started back in 2012 with sketches of two little characters called Clara and Macy, a pair of girls who love spending time together, who were destined for picture books.
The plan was to design a few products and then contact publishers with the idea. The products turned into a range, the range turned into a business, and the business grew out of her house and into the gorgeous studio and six person team that we have now.
And I still haven't had time to actually contact those publishers!
Clara and Macy is a family-run business, working around our three young children, using my designs across a range of products including activity jars, craft kits, wrapping paper, prints, and keepsakes.
Each product is made with a dash of creativity, a whole load of imagination, and the desire to get families spending more time together.
I hope you enjoy looking around our product range and getting to know a little bit more about us. 
A good place to start is our new products collection, where you can see the brand new products we've launched recently. 
And if you need anything please feel free to get in touch with me here
Laura  x